EFT To Open Energy, Release Blocks, Create Miracles

at Sunday Morning Enlightenment this week, we did EFT to open our hearts & release blocks… to let in happiness & MIRACLES.

Why? Because when out hearts are closed and we have blocks in our energy flow, and we can’t manifest the amazing things we want in our lives. Blocked energy or unhealed issues within us cause us to feel stuck or stagnant, angry or depressed, afraid to take the steps we need in our lives.

Release these blocks- and open the heart- and amazing things occur:  synchronicities happen, creative ideas pop, courage that was elusive somehow seems easy, issues that were roadblocks move out of the way.

EFT- or tapping- is an awesome tool to begin to clear out the meridians of stuck energy and allow the flow of movement to course through you once again.  We paired this with a meditation to open the heart and release issues that need to go.

Doing this energy healing technique once is great, but why stop there?

The more you use these healing tools, the more you will zoom ahead. and feel happy and peaceful as you do so.  Below you wil find all of the details about how to do them at home on your own.



Think of a block, or problem, in your life
Maybe it’s your fear to go forward with your career plan
Maybe it’s your challenges in a relationship
Maybe it’s anger about your past
Maybe it’s your hesitancy to be who you really are
Maybe it’s your food habits or your addiction
Maybe it’s your illness and how you feel about it
Maybe it’s your anger, impatience, lack of compassion, anger about what you lack
Maybe it’s your lack of forgiveness of a friend
Maybe it’s your frustration with your babysitter or your colleague


What feelings it causes you, write the feeling down
Measure that feeling on a scale of  1(lowest) -10 (highest) , write it down
Where you feel this in your body


And say “Even though I have this block I completely love and accept myself”


TAP ON THESE POINTS WHile repeating the phrases below

Top of head
Third Eye
Beginning of eye brow bone
Side of eye behind temple on bone
Under eye
Under nose
Under lips
On collar bone, one inch to each side of the “U”
Center of chest- sternum
Under arm (i.e. where bra strap would be)

This block
This fear
This worry
This closed heart
This lack of forgiveness This block of creativity
This unwillingness
My closed heart
My afraid heart
My fearful heart
This problem

I can choose to open up
I can choose to begin to let go
I can choose to open my heart
I can choose to release this
I can choose to have my angels take this form me
I can choose to see love instead of fear
I can choose miracles
I believe in releasing
I welcome in healing
I can welcome in new idea


Measure your feelings again on scale 1-10
What physical sensations are you having?
Write down any thoughts



Freedom comes to me
Open-ess is now
I am more open
I feel comfortable and at ease
I am relaxed about this issue
This issue is softer
Just a little bit easier
I feel a bit more comfortable
I am more open
My heart is more open
My heart is more open
New compassion and ease come to me now

I am free
My heart is open
My heart is wide open
A dam of energy has broken and love is rushing into my being
Power and capability fill me
I am infinite and powerful
I am peaceful and free
My heart is open
My energy is free
I love
I am loved
I am loving


Now Measure your feelings again on scale 1-10
What physical sensations are you having
Write down any thoughts
Start at the beginning if you have not reduced your number to 1 or very close to it.


“I am so happy now that I am free and moving.  My new life looks like this:





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Beth Miller is the creator of Modern Intuitive Therapy, combing the very best of psychotherapy, life coaching, energy healing, science, and spirituality.  She was voted BEST PSYCHOTHERAPIST ON LONG ISLAND by The Long Island Press. Beth has a private practice in Sayville, New York and works with clients around the globe.  Beth hosts Positive Energy weekly groups and a Sunday Morning Enlightenment series.  Her youtube channel and blog are meant to teach and serve, sharing the best tools and skills to trust your soul, master your energy, and live your highest life. Beth’s The Soul Cure For Anxiety Online Therapy Course is a multi-media, 11-week alternative to attending therapy that teaches how to be calm, cool, and connected- no matter what is happening in life.  For FREE guided meditations join her at www.bethmillermeditations.com. Join the fun at www.facebook.com/supertherapywithbethmiller  





Super-Spiritual Fixes To Make Miracles Out Of Your Challenges


Routinely connecting in with love simply yields all- over  better results in every areas of life.  And because the more we do this, the more traction we create,  frequent visits with our highest self will enable a more loving, successful, wise  automatic us.  A spiritual practice is called a practice for exactly that reason-  its just giving new methods that are love-based a whirl over and over again.  And without the rituals or habits of connecting in with this truth and wisdom, we can and will only regurgitate our patters and beliefs from the past. We asked “Autopilot or consciousness?  Autopilot will get you good results, consciousness the fabulousness  you really are seeking.

In the workshop we also remembered why enlightenment is a totally reasonable goal: because it simply means bringing the light and power of love to the darker parts of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Big life results occur any moment  we add in a small spiritual practices.  Enlightenment, thank goodness, happens any moment we choose light as the way.

I asked you to Answer The Call Of Your Highest Self. How?  By maximizing your talents and diving into your challenges. And its your spiritual practice that can help you do just that.

As we appreciate just how uniquely powerful your own special lives are, we realize we are constantly being called to rise and grow.  Your strengths, talents, the things you care about and light you up, are part of your “calling” in this world- they are your unique contribution, the way you are blessed and how you can bless others.  The question is: are you using them to your fullest?

Similarly, you challenges are also your “calling”- whatever is hard in your life, what stinks about you, what you struggle with, where you are blocked- is exactly your opportunity to use love and light to transcend.  What you suffer with is your welcome mat into a better life if you say YES, instead of hating your problems, resisting them, denying them.  When you enlighten these issues, you grow spiritually, and life becomes easier, more peaceful, more meaningful, and WAY MORE SUCCESSFUL.

Every single thing that is occurring in your world is an opportunity to become more united with the truth of your life-  you are made of love and light, you create best when you are linked with this love, you are magnificent beyond measure, and there is a flow that you can enter that will allow your life to be greater, grander, sweeter, richer in all ways.

join me in saying YES to it ALL-
the good, the bad, and the ugly…and we will create miracles.



During the workshop I invited everyone to tell me their challenges, so that I could suggest at least one spiritual practice  to transcend it.  Some of you were so brave and you spoke up.  Thank goodness- your challenges represent all of ours-  as we have all struggled with similar issues. Here are some MORE ideas about what spiritual fixes can be used to transform impatience, a wild mind, and feeling unsure of what steps to take forward in a job or otherwise.

Jane asked how she could be more patient with her child. Because we are choosing to see her impatience as a gift, the goal is to apply a spiritual practice of love to it, which will cause it to transform.

I asked Jane what makes her impatient.  She said the “to-do list”.  I followed that up by a wondering if everything on the list really needs to get done, or if it is so full because she puts non-essential items on it.? Filling up space and time with constant stuff to do is often a habit. However, life  does truly require a lot of action steps.   I asked her to eliminate what is non-essential, and make sure joy and presence is on the list instead.

I also asked Jane to create a new narrative for herself, letting go of the well-rehearsed “oh my gosh I have sooo much to do “ mantra that most of us get embroiled in when we are overwhelmed.  I suggested that she instead start her day with the intention to “be” and “feel” how she actually desires.  For instance, after she wakes up say: “Good morning life, thank you bed, thank you warm home.  I am so grateful today for all of the patience and peace I feel today.  My child and I have a smooth, easy morning, I am efficient and present, we laugh and enjoy each other.  Thank you for such a beautiful day.”

Here are some other suggestions for Jane, and the rest of you, to have more patience and presence with someone in your life:

  • While meditating or when going to sleep, create a connection of pink light from your heart to your child, or another person.  Repeat words like “I love you.  I am present with you.  You are so loved.  All is well” as you send this light to this person. This will create harmonious energy between you and assure the other of your unconditional love. You can create this heart connection throughout the day as well.
  • Get your own energy right. Before interacting, decide how you will “be” with this other person.  Usually our mood is already decided before interacting, and the other person simply triggers the impatience and stress within us.  If you want to be calm and fun, decide “I am going to be calm and fun this afternoon” before dealing them.
  • When you have already become triggered by another person and are being impatient, remove yourself and decide to close your mouth until you have re-regulated your interior space.  Find peace before you interact again by breathing 10 times and repeat the word love in your mind.
  • When you have become triggered into impatience, look into the EYES of  the other person and ask yourself if you desire to cause them fear.  If not, repeat the words “love love love love love” in your mind until the crisis of impatience passes.  Thank the other our loud  for being your teacher.
  • Buy a bell, Tibetan singing bowl, or fun music CD. When things are getting stressed, ring the bell or press play on a song to “reset” the vibration.
  • Slow down.  Impatience thrives on a frenetic energy.  Slow down or sit still temporarily to actually get MORE done in a HAPPIER state of mind.
  • Forgive yourself.  Parenting and life can be super hard.  That’s why we need our spiritual practice.  Self care is essential, it enables patience to occur.


DEBBIE TOLD US HER CHALLENGE ABOUT WORK.   She wanted to know how to “work part-time but make a full-time salary”.  Because we are choosing to see her work issue as a gift, the goal is to apply a spiritual practice of love to it, which will cause it to transform.  I asked her to look at the list that she had just written of her “talents, strengths, and gifts.”  I suggested she start there-  that our gifts and interests are often the surest way to make a living using what we naturally love to do.  She was also  given journaling questions to help her begin to maximize her talents.

Here are even more suggestions that she- and you- can take to get clarity about the next step in your job or create a career filled with what you want:

  • Write a new vision statement describing your ideal job or way to spend your day. Read it daily. Make sure your thoughts and feelings are not focused on what you actually DON’T want.
  • Ask yourself what you would be doing with your time if you didn’t need money at all-  how would you contribute to the world, serve others, or use your talents if you didn’t need money? Ask yourself what does the world need?  (This question will often connect you to what you love doing the most….and then to the ways you can do it to earn money.)
  • Walk and give thanks:  everyday take a walk and repeat the words “Thank you so much for my amazing life’s work.  Thank you for my full time salary and my part time hours.  Thank you so much for the ideas, the courage, the capability to have such a perfect job.” After your walk, write the ideas down right away that came to you while you walked.
  • Read The Artists Way and do The Morning Pages every day.  This is a sure fire way to connect with ideas and creativity.
  • Love your fear.  There is a great chance you already know what you can do to move forward into a better career arrangement, but you are scared.  It’s ok-  this is perfect for your spiritual practice. “Thank you fear, I love you and I also trust the process of life, I trust myself, I trust the flow.”  When opportunities knock, say YES even if you’re scared. Remember that you life is short and your soul is big,-make the most of your time here!


RACHEL’S CHALLENGE WAS HER RELENTLESSLY BUSY MIND.  Because we are choosing to see her busy, non-present mind as a gift, the goal is to apply a spiritual practice of love to it, which will cause it to transform.  We will make her monkey mind her friend.  Rachel said that even while sitting in the workshop she couldn’t stop thinking about what she needed to do next. As a result, she was missing out on life, always living in the next moment, losing the sweetness of the now.  I suggested she use her body to pull her mind back into the moment.

Here is how to use this skill- to occupy the mind with the details of the present moment- so that you are “here now” and also some other suggestions to tame the wild monkey mind:

  • When your mind is not in the now, ask yourself and describe in detail
    -“What do I see  right now around me?, ” “What do I smell?” , “What do I feel?” “What can I taste?”  “What do I hear?”  This will align you with the moment, gently yanking your thoughts into the only time and space that matters.
  • Breathe to create a column of light:  When the mind is going crazy, your breath can become your focus instead. Breath is visceral, it is physical, it creates space and opens the body back up when it has become tightened by thought. It is also energetic, it aligns your center (your core) with its highest self.  Take a breath in and imagine it “straightening” you out, creating a column of light that reaches through your feet and also travels up through the crown of your head.  The column of breath/light connects you into the stable earth energy, aligns your body, and then connect with The Divine though your crown.  Keep breathing into this column of light within you.
  • Consider your thoughts your spiritual practice.  Love them and they will soften.  When you mind is active and you want it to quiet, tell it to do so.  Say: I love my thoughts, I love my thoughts.  Thoughts I love you and I ask you now to be focused on this moment.  I love this moment. I love this moment. Remind yourself that all is well in the present moment.  Repeat this over and over.


Tell me your challenges and I will email you with some ideas, or even make a blog post out of it- anonymously of course!
Wishing you peace in all ways, Beth


Beth Miller is the creator of Modern Intuitive Therapy, combing the very best of psychotherapy, life coaching, energy healing, science, and spirituality.  She has a private practice in Sayville, New York and works worldwide with clients.  Beth hosts Positive Energy weekly groups and a Sunday Morning Enlightenment series.  Her youtube channel and blog are meant to teach and serve, sharing the best tools and skills to trust your soul, master your energy, and live your highest life. Beth’s The Soul Cure For Anxiety Online Therapy Course is a multi-media, 11-week alternative to attending therapy that teaches how to be calm, cool, and connected- no matter what is happening in life.  For FREE guided meditations join her at www.bethmillermeditations.com. Join the fun at www.facebook.com/supertherapywithbethmiller !





Nick Ortner Reveals EXACTLY How To Become An Overnight Success At Hay House Event

Not long ago I had the great pleasure of listening to some super cool speakers at the Hay House Writers Workshop.  Of the many, Nick Ortner, Tapping Guru and author of several books about EFT including The Tapping Solution, struck a great balance between funny and profound. He had several gems, some real words of advice that really stuck with me.  Of these take-aways, here were a few of my most impactful faves:

  1. “IT TOOK ME 12 YEARS TO BECOME AN OVERNIGHT SUCCESS”. This was a running theme at the conference and was a real wake-up call to any of the authors in the audience who thoughts they might write a book, become an overnight success, and  make a million dollars in sales.   Nick helped pop the illusionary bubble of instant fame and wealth. No, he said, he and most authors do not simply bang out a killer book and become New York Time’s Bestsellers. Instead, he told the real story: a tale of taking chances, following his gut, accruing debt, and working his tooshie off to get where he is today.
  2. INTUITION + RISK TAKING + DEDICATION= SUCCESS. Nick story was a wonderful tromp through the process of a creative guy who wanted to make a movie about Tapping. His narrative had tons of sub-stories that often began something like: “So I left my job to make a movie but I had no idea how to make a movie so I googled it and bought $45,000 worth of camera equipment,  even though I had no idea how to make a movie.” The moral of this and his other intuition-following, risk-taking tales  was that he believed enough in his movie- and himself-f to stay dedicated to it even when the path seemed very unclear. As a result, synchronicities and opportunities he couldn’t have even dreamed of occurred over time (like speaking to thousands of people, writing best-selling books, getting married and having a new baby). Know why these things happened? Because he followed his gut with fervor, and yup- worked his tooshie off.
  3. DO YOU HAVE TO WORK YOUR TOOSHIE OFF TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL? I’ve had quite a few frustrated clients- artists, business people, authors, and musicians-who are downright deflated by how much dedication it takes to get heard in a busy world. What they learn is that having a good product or loving what you do isn’t enough. You have to love it so much you are willing to go the extra mile for it even when you feel low on steam. You have to believe in it so fiercely that giving up isn’t even an option. Because the reason it takes 12 years to become an overnight success is that you have to build yourself AND your audience up over that time.I teach my clients that there is a direct correlation between the success they have and their own process.  The timing they are so frustrated with is actually the space they need to become., to master their craft and their fears.

“Big” success comes when you have the self-value and clarity to create it.
It doesn’t happen any earlier because you simply weren’t ready yet.
You are
becoming… and the timing is precisely perfect.”

By the way, the answer to #3 is yes and no.  Yes, you have to devote a lot of time and effort to your mission, but you can do this  at your own pace. You don’t have to work non-stop on your craft, but know that the success may come slower and that’s okay.  Also, aiming for big success in your field doesn’t feel like drudgery if it’s a passion.  Sure the work can be hard, very hard sometimes, but you love it anyway.  Successful people have an urge they can’t ignore, a burning desire that pushes them from behind to reach goals one small step at a time.

Here’s  the motto I use to keep me going even when  I am frustrated with any part of my own process: your mission has to be bigger than your ego.  It’s the bare-boned truth and get’s me out of my own way. I have a feeling Nick Ortner believes in something like this too…

Beth Miller is the creator of Modern Intuitive Therapy, combing the very best of psychotherapy, life coaching, energy healing, science, and spirituality.  She has a private practice in Sayville, New York and works worldwide with clients.  Beth hosts Positive Energy weekly groups and a Sunday Morning Enlightenment series.  Her youtube channel and blog are meant to teach and serve, sharing the best tools and skills to trust your soul, master your energy, and live your highest life. Beth’s The Soul Cure For Anxiety Online Therapy Course is a multi-media, 11-week alternative to attending therapy that teaches how to be calm, cool, and connected- no matter what is happening in life.  For FREE guided meditations join her at www.bethmillermeditations.com. Join the fun at www.facebook.com/supertherapywithbethmiller !




There was a time when I wasn’t able to hear or feel my spiritual guides very clearly. Over the years, my ability to receive messages from them has improved so dramatically that I am simply tickled by their presence.

My clients are usually very interested in improving their ability to connect with the beings of light that are working with them. Remember that your guides are with you even if you haven’t developed a keen sense of being able to be aware of them. Here’s are some great ways to strengthen your skills at connecting with your personal spiritual team:

Ask To Become A More Perceptive, Psychic Person: One thing I did years ago was to start envisioning actually being a more psychic person. I so badly wanted to help my clients in a deeper, faster way that I started envisioning myself having more intuitive skills. Within a few years, my psychic abilities in session magnified exponentially. I was always perceptive and somewhat intuitive, but now I am able to hear the collaboration of my guides with those of my clients, to get very accurate data about what is happening or needs to happen, and to feel angels and guides in my energy field. I can taste foods that have meaning to my clients, I get symbols and images that demonstrate what they need to do next, and I hear words and instructions to guide them. This ability grew as I envisioned more and more clearly how I wanted to help others- and will work for you too (in your own way) if you start making it a part of your desires.

Say HEllO To Your Guides And Angels: I’m amazed at how easy this is for me now. I say Hello and they answer me back! To practice this, simply say Hi to your spiritual guides and notice what you feel next. Do you get the chills over your body? Do your ears ring? Does it feel like someone is playing with your hair? This is what happens to me when I simply acknowledge my guides and can for you, too. Talk to them and then BE STILL. This will enable you to feel their vibration on you. Remember, they function on a higher vibration, so you will feel their frequency in these ways.

Pay Attention To How They Have Been Speaking To You: Chances are, your spiritual team has been talking to you in your ear forever- but you have been ignoring them or tuning them out. What repeated messages have been whispered around you? Is there a message about something that you need to do or change that you have been swatting away? Do you hear a small voice telling you to get off sugar or alcohol, repeating to you to buy a particular book to help you get on top of your finances, or prompting you to go sit and meditate? Often, this voice is the loving guidance of your guides and not just in your head. Remember, your guides are looking out for you and trying to nudge you to serve your highest self. It is their mission to work with you to enable your soul to reach its highest level of enlightenment.

Ask For Help Like This: Your guides can jump in best when you allow them to do what they do best- that is, to serve and help you in all ways. Ask them for everything, all the time, everyday to improve your communication with them. Can’t find your keys? Your patience? A store? A good idea? Ask, ask, ask. Say “Thank you angels for helping me find my keys” or “Guides please help me with this project” and you will see the assistance you need show up in one form or another. You can even yell it like how I did when my car was barreling backwards down a huge icy hill last year and I had no breaks or control. As soon as I yelled “Angel please help me!!!” my car was brought to a stop in a snow drift. Thank you angels, thank you angels. Did I mention to thank them a lot for their help to deepen your constant communication with them?

Tell me all about your experiences with your angels and guides- and also how you are developing more communication with them!

Beth Miller is the creator of Modern Intuitive Therapy, combining the very best of psychotherapy, life coaching, energy healing, science, and spirituality.  She has a private practice in Sayville, New York and works worldwide with clients.  Beth hosts Positive Energy weekly groups and a Sunday Morning Enlightenment series.  Her youtube channel,  facebook page  and blog are meant to teach and serve, sharing the best tools and skills to trust your soul, master your energy, and live your highest life. Beth’s The Soul Cure For Anxiety Online Therapy Course is a multi-media, 11-week alternative to attending therapy that teaches how to be calm, cool, and connected- no matter what is happening in life.  For FREE guided meditations join her at www.bethmillermeditations.com.



Ego Versus Enlightenment: Is the old you blocking who you are trying to become?

So you’ve been consciously evolving for a while now, trying everyday to be a better version of yourself. If you are anything like my clients or me, your work is paying off and you are making some traction. And even if you are hard on yourself, even if you don’t give yourself enough credit, chances are you know you are handling things differently than you have in the past. Hooray and go you!

But you may notice a strange phenomena. Have you ever felt like your old self was calling you backwards, or blocking you from moving forwards? I recently had 3 different clients that I helped with this common issue. Read on if you want to win the inner battle between your ego and your enlightenment.

One of my clients, Janet, had a resurgence of a physical problem she had dealt with in the past. When I asked her to dive deeply into her intuition and take a guess about what was causing it to crop up again, her instincts were right on target. “I feel like the cellular memory of who I was in the past is sabotaging the success I am about to have.” She was right on. After years of hard inner work, she had turned some major corners and was authentically achieving the success and self-love she desired. She was finally feeling capable and non-defective, and was doing awesome in all areas of life as a result. And them, bam. Her body starts to stall her progress.

Another client, Renee, had been depressed a good portion of her younger life. But she learned to replace depression with being authentic, creative, artistic, and living “out loud” spiritually. That is, until recently when she began to feel lost and unsure of herself, which brought on feelings of depression. It turns out that she was outgrowing the healing and creative work she had been doing the last few years but didn’t know what would fill it’s shoes. She didn’t know who or what she was being called to be or do- and this made her feel scared. So what happened? Her old autopilot emotion, depression, took over.

And yet another client, Laura, was has achieved lightyears of personal work and growth, recently collapsed into anxiety and depression because she didn’t feel confident in her profession. She began to wonder if she would ever feel capable in her career. What did this do to her? It brought on her old friends anxiety and depression, her emotional comfort zone from the past, that whisper in her ear that she will never really be able to handle life.

What is happening in all three cases, and perhaps for you as you progress towards your highest self, is that two identities are battling for your attention and future. The old ego is doing what it does best- when it feels fear it tries to get you to retreat and be a smaller version of yourself. It will do this by reuniting you with the old problems you used to have- anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, physical problems, overeating, overspending, self judgment, isolating- in an effort to keep you from moving forward. Why would it do such a thing? Because it wants to keep you safe. The ego is worried that if you keep going- if you strive for more success, abort your old self to open up to a new one, or take risks- you might fail or get hurt. So it tries to call you back to when you were too injured or frail or incapable to keep you from taking risks. It tells you that you can’t succeed, can’t be too big, aren’t cut out for the dreams you have, or are too flawed. It will assure you that giving up is a better option.

Meanwhile, your enlightened self is also calling you. The part of you that feels confident, is willing to go for it, and is excited for a change. This part of you is connected to Source Energy just enough to feel capable of shedding the old beliefs that have made you less than what you are.

This battle that happens within is so unconscious, you might barely even notice it. But that’s what’s happening when you are close to your goal weight and you start binging again, or when you create chaos around you when life starts to feel too good. This battle is at play when you are about to make a big successful move at work and somehow you sabotage the process. This inner fight happens when you hide your talents instead of showing them to the world.

If you desire to keep turning towards a more enlightened path, here’s how to help defeat that ego:

KNOW THAT IT’S NORMAL:  You are just like everyone else. We all have our glass ceilings. The ego will try to keep you from breaking though. It is a very good sign that you are reaching a transformation if you are feeling scared.

LOVE IT INTO SUBMISSION:  That’s right- talk to it like the scared child it is. When you are showing signs of going backwards instead of forwards, tell your ego that it is safe to succeed, to feel confident, to go for your dreams, to take the next step. Assure it that you can handle taking the risk and you can do it.  I’m serious, actually talk out loud.  It works.

ENEGY WORK AND BREATH:  EFT Tapping is a huge helper in scenarios like this. For one client, I gave her a very specific algorithm just for her issues. But here is a more general EFT tapping that is sure to raise your confidence and belief in yourself. Do it everyday and you will be amazed at the results. And breathe for goodness sakes! This will make room for you to observe the ego and choose the path to your greatness instead. You and your enlightened self are worth it. You deserve everything that is waiting for you.

Beth Miller is the creator of Modern Intuitive Therapy, combing the very best of psychotherapy, life coaching, energy healing, science, and spirituality.  She has a private practice in Sayville, New York and works worldwide with clients.  Beth hosts Positive Energy weekly groups and a Sunday Morning Enlightenment series.  Her youtube channel and blog are meant to teach and serve, sharing the best tools and skills to trust your soul, master your energy, and live your highest life. Beth’s The Soul Cure For Anxiety Online Therapy Course is a multi-media, 11-week alternative to attending therapy that teaches how to be calm, cool, and connected- no matter what is happening in life.  For FREE guided meditations join her at www.bethmillermeditations.com. Join the fun at www.facebook.com/supertherapywithbethmiller !




What Gabby Bernstein’s Stilettos Taught Me At Hay House Conference

I recently attended the Hay House Writer’s workshop and had some pretty cool take-aways.  There were some big names in the world of self-help on stage, teaching us all about the craft of writing and how to broadcast our messages.  You know Gabrielle Bernstein?  May Cause Miracles and Spirit Junkie author? If not, you would like her.  She’s got just the right mix of rad and righteous, just the perfect spin on spiritual meets “what’s up girl?”

I had a funny thing happen to me the morning I was getting ready to get on the 6 am train from the suburbs to get to the Javitz Center by 8. I’ll admit I’m embarrassed about it, but I’m going to share it for all the right teaching reasons.  As usual, spirit helps me see something within myself  that perhaps is a gift for you, too.

So here was the situation:  I was getting dressed. It was dark in my room (I left the lights off so my husband could sleep while I got ready) and I was feeling around for my jewelry.  And as I was layering on my rings, earing, bracelets and putting on some red lipstick, I had this crazy, self-conscious thought.  I wondered/worried/considered “Will I fit in at the crunchy Hay House warm -and- feely symposium with all this bling on?”

I was shocked.  How could I be so shallow? Was I actually preoccupied with who or what I will fit in with?  I mean, I am confident and self-assured….uhhh, I guess unless it’s 4:30 am and I’m about to go to a conference where I hope something life-changing will happen for me.  And the weirdest, most bizarre part was that I actually had a thought about what Gabby Bernstein wore on the cover of her May Cause Miracles book jacket.  Casual. Not too showy.  Chill in white cotton and light makeup.

So I got dressed and yes, in case you are curious, I did wear all my jewelry and lipstick. As a matter of fact, I totally forgot about my pre-dawn mental foray into wondering what anyone would think of me.

And then I got to the event and about one third of the women were in high boots, skirts, funky jewelry, and all sorts of trendy items.  I thought:  “Oh, this tribe has gotten fashionable since I last  saw you all at Omega!”

And here’s the best part.  After a few fabulous speakers, Gabby was announced and you know what she comes out wearing?  Super tight white skinny jean leggings, a loose white tank top, and sky-high stilettos.  No joke. Did I mention the bright red lipstick?

She tells us that early on in her career (before it was one) she was having groups in her living room that were “Carrie Bradshaws that wanted to be Marianne Williamsons”.  In other words, pop-cultured style -devotees desperately seeking spiritual connection.

And I just laughed and laughed and laughed at myself in my seat in the audience.  I realized what my jewelry self-consciousness was all about.  Will I fit it?  Am I the type that can make an impact in my field?  Do I have the look, the style, the presentation of someone succeeding?  Do I look like an author- no, scratch that-  do I look like a self-help author?

I want to say thank you Gabby Bernstein.  Because you do not look like yester-years self-growth teachers.  You look like ONE of todays.  You have stilettos, and some have Birkenstocks, and some reject footwear all together. Some wear tight skinny jeans while others exclusively wear robes or white frocks.  Some shave their heads, some layer on the hair extensions  Because today’s contemporary spiritual teachers are as diverse as the Thank-God growing audience that loves, wants, and needs what “expanding consciousness” has to offer.

Thank you Gabby Bernstein for being yourself, for being authentic to YOU.  Because of the many, many important bits of wisdom  I got from your talk, one of the best was that being yourself is your most powerful stance in life.  And your shoes (of all things!) broadcasted this deeply spiritual message loud and clear.

Spirituality is no longer occurring only in ashrams or healing schools.  It’s at Niemen Marcus and Kohls, book clubs and reality tv, PTA meetings and even bars.  We are everywhere and we are spreading like an equal opportunity forest fire of love.  The  face of spiritually-informed world views is the same as it’s core message:  everyone is welcome here, and love is the light that unites us.  And I’m right there with you all, bracelets jangling all the way.

Take a moment now to ask yourself if you are being all-in authentic to who you are, in every way.  If not, perhaps it is costing you success or vibrancy or truth or clarity.  Like Gabby, you are  at your highest and best when you claim and broadcast the truest you to the world. It’s the most powerful version of you that there is. 

Beth Miller is the creator of Modern Intuitive Therapy, combing the very best of psychotherapy, life coaching, energy healing, science, and spirituality.  She has a private practice in Sayville, New York and works worldwide with clients.  Beth hosts Positive Energy weekly groups and a Sunday Morning Enlightenment series.  Her youtube channel and blog are meant to teach and serve, sharing the best tools and skills to trust your soul, master your energy, and live your highest life. Beth’s The Soul Cure For Anxiety Online Therapy Course is a multi-media, 11-week alternative to attending therapy that teaches how to be calm, cool, and connected- no matter what is happening in life.  For FREE guided meditations join her at www.bethmillermeditations.com.



truck-stuck-in-the-mud-1433956 (1)


I use a ton of different tricks to help clients when they have trouble moving forward. Energy healing, asking guides for help, reprogramming fears, EFT, prioritizing values, creating micro-steps towards success- you name it, I use it.  Many people seek out help to gain clarity and get un-stuck, and it’s my job to have the best tools to help my clients scale any barriers that get in their way.

So there is one tool that is so effective- and a little unusual for a therapist to teach. I delitfully call this tool “So what?’  and here’s how to use it:

When you desire a change in your life, you want to go from living FINE to living more AWESOME.  Living fine means staying just as you are.  Living more awesome means you will encounter some uncomfortable feelings.  What I mean is that, as you begin to take the next step towards getting what you want, you sometimes won’t feel like doing it.  You might feel lazy, tired, or scared.  You might feel unsure, unmotivated, or worried. In other words, instead of feeling super-psyched to make the change, you might feel feelings that keep you from going for it.

 When this happens, here’s what I suggest you do:  tell your feelings that they are not facts and say “So what?”  So what that you feel unsure? Make a move  anyway.  So what you feel worried? Take a mini-action step regardless.  So what you feel lazy? Get up and go anyhoo.     

It might seem strange to hear a psychotherapist say “So what?” about your feelings, but I have good reason.  Feelings are important, but they are not everything. Too often we let our feelings direct our lives and make all sorts of choices for us, as in “I don’t feel like eating spinach now, I feel like cake instead” or “I don’t feel like confronting this issue with my partner, I just feel like stewing about it” or “I need to call this new business prospect but I feel scared, so I won’t.”

The emotional mind, where our feelings reside, is one of many “minds” within us. Feelings matter but so do the other components in our decision making- wisdom, rational thought, values, goals.   To truly tap into the power of our whole selves, we can acknowledge the feelings that are holding us back… while also paying attention to why we want to move forward and what wisdom and skills we have to do so.

When you notice you are  stuck about something, get in touch with the feeling that is holding you back.   Validate how you feel and then tell that feeling who is boss.   If you truly desire to live more AWESOME instead of just, gulp, GOOD ENOUGH or FINE (and I know you do!) just say “So what?” to the fear and do it anyway.  IF you are thinking “It’s not that easy, Beth!” or “But that’s hard, Beth!”, just tell those feelings “So what’s it’s hard?! I do hard things all the time!”

Try it this week and let me know what barriers you broke through or steps you took!




When To Give Up On A Dream

So you’ve had this dream or goal for a while, but are considering letting it go. Maybe it’s become too hard to achieve, doesn’t fit into your life anymore, or the results your getting from your efforts feel lack-luster. But your dreams are what make you you, and without them there is a possibility of a much less exciting life and ignoring the call of your soul. If you are considering giving up on your goal or turning your back on a dream you’ve had, read this first to be sure there isn’t another path to take.


You Aren’t Getting Results
Not getting the results you planned on- in the time you imagine- can be super frustrating. There’s a few exhausting components here: you have decided on the results that will make you happy and the time frame they need to happen in to make you happy. When they don’t, unhappiness (disatisfaction, disappointment, defeat) creep in.

You Are Drained:  You have been investing in your project with all your might- you give it your extra time, your energy, and siphon off dough from your bank account to fund it. Yet, it’s not giving back in the way you desire and so it feels like a one-way relationship. Your tired, especially because most goal achievement doesn’t happen in a bubble and you’ve been giving to it while also maintaining every the other area of your current life.

Nay-Sayers Abound: You have so many “realists” around you who remind you of “how hard it is to make it at _______” and you can’t help but feel slowly eroded by their voices, especially because they speak to your secret fears.

The Old Dream Doesn’t Fit With Your New Life : The super-fun ideas that charged your 20’s are having trouble fitting into your 30’s goals or 40’s lifestyle or 50’s responsibilities. Your dream of being a world-renowned artist at 23 downgraded to locally-known by 33 and at 43 you don’t even sketch a picture because you are “too busy”.

CUT YOUR LOSSES OR KEEP ON FIGHTING? Its a terrible mental and emotional debate, and can feel like an un-win-able game of ping-pong. The key question is this: why did you get involved in this pursuit to begin with? What about this idea lit your pants on fire and made you take all the steps you have taken so far? In essence,

What makes you passionate about your dream? And if you took out all the challenges and work, does that passion remain?

Your level of current passion, not 10-years ago passion, is tantamount because that is the energy you are creating from and with. Your immediate level of inspiration and interest in your dream is directly informing the results you get. The less passion, the less pure, sweet results.

WHAT TO DO Before you let go of what you have worked so hard for, consider doing these things first:

Take A Break: If you are suffering from low-inspirational energy, simply take a break for a while. Maintain the fundamental workings of the success you have already created, and otherwise just step back for a bit. Often, you will become rejuvinated once again in surprising ways- you’lle read an article about someone who is achieving YOUR dream, get feedback about your good work from someone, the season will changes and somehow lift the fog that was draining you, and voila! you will be back in the game.

Raise Your Energy: You want any and all efforts you make towards your goal to get maximum results. To do this, only work at your dreams when you are feeling high energy so that your efforts are infused with your positive momentum. To consciously raise your energy: decide to have a lot of fun (make a “fun” list and do one really lively, adventurous thing a week), knock other things off your to-do list (you will feel inspired and charged-up when you get looming items that drain you “off your plate”), exercise and meditate with visualizations.

Bring On The Brainstorm: Your ideas and perspective may have gotten a little stale or unmarketable over time and that may be killing your success mojo. Ask a friend or two to join you for a brainstorming session to think up new ways to add umph to your goal achievement and to tweak ideas in ways that may make a huge difference. You will be amazed at how valuable putting heads together with others is. Check your ego at the door to get the most out if it. Surround yourself with other achievers who love success! Joining a business development or Mastermind group can be priceless.

Hire A Professional: Lots of time we try to achieve our dreams on a shoestring budget and in a bubble. But big success- like that empire you want to build or that best selling book you’ve written in your mind) often needs the help of many and money. Is it time to hire a business coach, get a PR specialist, or a manager? Do you need professional help to upgrade, gain expertise, and learn the right “next” moves beyond your free blog-space and low-cost website?

Call On The Universe, Silly! Don’t be bashful. You need all the help you can get- and using your ability to attract circumstances to help you is tantamount. Visualize your success daily, tell everyone you know about your intended goal (stop keeping it to yourself to keep yourself “safe”), and create a major mantra (“I am a best-selling author!”, “My band sells out our venues”, “I run one marathon a year”, “Success comes easy to me. People love my product/book/ideas/services.” You’ve got to own it and claim this reality as yours. This creates results.

Put Your Big-Goal-Achiever Panties On: If you want to be a dream achiever, you can’t behave like someone who gives up. You have to tap into that part of you that is resilient, strong, and determined. Standing out at something only happens by actually standing out, and this means taking action steps and having dedication that the majority of people won’t do or have. Read some stories online about people who have succeeded, especially the ones who had some fits and starts along the way. Failure is nothing but a fine-tuning of ideas and processes.

Get Back In Touch With Your Passion: Do whatever it takes to get back to basics. Why do you care so much about your goal or dream? Because it is what is special about your very soul, your contribution to the world, your unique design. It speaks to you because you are uniquely created to deliver it to the world. And that means doing it in little ways if the big ways haven’t supposedly panned out yet. If you are a writer, write. A painter, paint. A singer, sing. A community organizer, get people together. Don’t focus on only big results to confirm you are where you should be. Do what matters to you- feel it – and the results that matter most will come. That is the flow of life, and it can only be stopped if you resist it’s inevitable success. Do not give up on anything you truly have passion for.

Whatever you do, don’t give up on your dreams or on all of the hard work and choices you made to get this far. Remember that success comes as long as you keep going!


How To Tame The Horrible Thoughts That Wake You Up (or keep you from sleeping)

I recently had some great opportunities to learn what tools work best to help you fall back asleep. I was woken up in the middle of the night by ruminating, ugly, anxious thoughts and this tool did the trick. It also works if you are having trouble falling asleep because you worrying or thinking too much instead of sailing off to slumber-land.

So my scenario went like this: I was sleeping and was awoken by thoughts about an issue I had that day. I had gone to bed angry (always a bad idea!) over an unresolved issue that happened that day with a loved one. Images and thoughts about the challenge we had flooded my mind, which of course filled me with all of the associated unpleasant emotions. If I remember back, I think I was dreaming about the scenario and then woke up engaged in all of the judgement I had about them (for doing what they did) and me (for not being able to let it go). I was mad, and ashamed, and frustrated, and sad, and did I mention tired because I should have been sleeping instead of thinking and feeling?

So here is what I did and it worked like a charm. I started thinking this repetitive thought:

I love and accept (the other persons’s name), and I love and accept myself.” Every time I had a thought about the incident, I just said that mantra over and over in my mind. After a short while, I was able to drift back to sleep, thank goodness. And wouldn’t you know it? In the morning, I sent a kind and loving text to my loved one, and they sent me one right back. I’m betting I changed my energy about the situation with that mantra by pouring the love of acceptance all over it, and voila!: the situation smoothed itself out.

I gave this suggestion to a client of mine and here’s how it worked for her. She had been dieting and doing well but recently succumbed to a few alcoholic drinks, which lowered her resistance to junk food, and binged on several snacks before bed. In the middle of the night she woke up with terrible thoughts about all of the weight she had gained, the traction she had lost. She was filled with regret, shame, self judgment, and fear of weight gain. She immediately remembered the concept and mantras I had taught her and she began repeating in her own mind

“I love and accept myself. I release this to spirit. I AM 123 pounds.”

What she did here was to not only put love and acceptance on the situation, but she released the worry about it, and then CLAIMED the reality she still wanted to live (to be at her goal weight).

How did it work? Marvelously. She was able to fall back asleep after a few minutes and woke up feeling promising and optimistic. She accepted her human-ness and went about her day. Would you believe the binge didn’t affect her weight loss targets for the week at all? I sure do because I know that’s exactly how energy works. Did you know loving yourself helps with weight loss?

So here’s the trick: when you wake up in the middle of the night or can’t turn off the ruminations that are keeping you from falling asleep, flood your mind with a loving mantra. Make it something like “I love and accept myself”, “All is well and I sent light and love to everyone”, “My life is filled with beauty”, or “Love, love, love”.

Please Send me your experiences after you use this one- I just LOVE to hear about how these tools work for you!


If Life’s Only An Illusion, How Do You Choose The Right One?

You have probably heard of the concept that life is an “illusion” or just a “dream”. The idea sounds compelling and interesting, but it’s pretty hard to believe when your pain is so real right after you’ve burned your hand on the stove or found out your partner cheated on you. But if it’s true that life really is an illusion, how can we live the one that we like and love the most?

Spiritual philosophies like Buddhism, modern science’s Quantum Physics, and esoteric energy beliefs like Metaphysics all seem to tout the same idea– that our reality is subjective based on what we choose to observe around us. Don Miguel Ruiz, author of NY Times Best Seller The Four Agreements (a must read, by the way), helps us understand in simple terms how our lives are nothing but an independent illusion:

“In this world there are six billion artists. Every human is an artist, and everybody creates their own story and they live in those stories, but they don’t have the awareness that they create the story and that they live in the story that is only true for them…Our biggest art is the story that we create about ourselves, and in this world there are six billion artists…We create (a story) about ourselves, and we are its main character, and everybody that we know is just a secondary character because our world is a virtual reality that only exists in our mind.”

Indeed, the world that appears to us is a reflection of our internal qualities. If our internal qualities change from bad to good, from hatred to love, from exploitation to consideration, and participation and sharing, then we’ll see a different world. Not only will our relationships change, as if we were previously hateful and now we’re friends and we love each other. The world itself will seem different, everything around us, because it’s all a reflection of our internal qualities.

This description helps us see how each one of us are artists creating our own world and filling in the colors of reality that we see. We are the designers of the story we live and the interpreters of what we experience. Our reality is literally whatever story we choose to make of the experiences we are having. Our reality is literally what glasses we use to view our surroundings. Our reality is literally our own illusion.

Because we know that 10 people can watch the same event and have totally different descriptions of it, there is no ONE reality. The interpretation is entirely based on the observer and this gives the observer- YOU- an enormous amount of power.

Right now, take a moment to notice how you have been observing a challenge in your life. As the observer- the one who writes her own story about this challenge- what reality have your brought into existence? How are you choosing to interpret this challenge?

And just for a moment, unhinge yourself from the idea that there is only one way to view this issue and let it go. Now, instead, pick a different illusion. That’s right- choose how you WANT to experience and feel about this issue. See it your ideal way, not the way that causes you blocks and pain and is unsolvable. How would your absolute best self view this challenge? If you were unstoppable, resilient, powerful, happy, independent, and loving how would you observe and respond to this scenario? The answer to these questions give you the illusion you can choose to live instead of the one that you have been suffering with.

You can apply this to any area of your life. If all of life is an illusion, if there is no one concrete reality, but instead many interpretations of the same world, you can choose what illusion you want to live. You can observe what makes you happy or what makes you angry, you can notice the strengths of a situation or notice it’s challenges, you can focus on the gratitude or harp on the lack. Whatever you choose will inform the next part of the illusion.

It’s all your choice. And you will notice if you are choosing the “right” illusion for you personally based on how you want to feel. If you are feeling blessed, joyful, strong, or pleased, I would say you are choosing the right one.

If it’s all an illusion anyway, might as well choose one that makes you feel great!